Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Lost Art of Writing in Complete Sentences!

With the invention of Twitter, texting and Instant Messaging, I am seeing a real impact  in student writing.  Namely, students are unable to form coherent, complete sentences when asked to write a paper.  Students simply want to get the information down in as few words as possible.  After all, many of the online writing and texting platforms have a limited number of characters available. 

What can we as parents do to help enhance student writing?  Make them write!  Some great ways to get them writing more:
1.  Have them write hand-written thank you notes for Christmas, birthday and other gifts.
2.  Send hand-written invtations to Thanksgiving or Christmas, explaining what will be going on, what the tree looks like, what they would like for Christmas, any other pieces of information that the guests will need.
3.  Read a book with your child and then keep a journal that each of you can write in about the book.
4.  Each person in the house keep a journal that you write in and then once a week share one of your entries with the family.

There are many ways to get kids to write, but you first have to get them off the computer, ipods, phones and other electronic devices and go back to the good old-fashioned pen and paper.

Other suggestions?

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