Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Never at a Loss For Words

When I was teaching, I would always tell the kids to make sure you are writing to your audience.  I am hoping that my audience will grow into a very eclectic group, as I tend to be a little eclectic myself!  I would also have a different theme everyday in class to start off with, a warm-up if you will.  I believe this happened more when I was teaching elementary school, as it was hard enough to fit in what needed to be taught in a 50 minute class while teaching middle school.  So, I thought I would bring those two ideas to my blog.  I will continue to share and review books, but I am a slow reader and, unfortunately, don't have nearly as much time to read as I would like to...if anyone would like to pay me to stay home and read all day I am certainly game!  In between book reviews will come information that I hope you will enjoy.  Since the whole blog thing is new to me, you will see that the look of the blog is constantly changing as I figure out what the heck I am doing and my ideas may change as I evolve as well. 

Here is the plan so far:
Monday--I will run down the list of giveaways I will be doing and list any important/fun things going on around the signings, festivals, etc.  I will also share motivating phrases, statements, whatever comes along...everyone needs a little pick-me-up on Mondays!

Tuesday--I will deem this day Teaching tips for teachers and parents.  Fun tips that I used through the years that may help with homework, getting your students/children motivated in school.  I will also share information regarding tips on staying focused, staying on task, study skills tips, whatever I find has helped through the years.

Wednesday--Website Wednesdays!!!  I come across new websites everyday that I would love to is my chance.  I will share book sites, giveaways on other sites, other blogs of interest, etc.
Thursday--This day will be "What in the World Was going on during this week" in history.  Tying in my love of history here.  :)

Friday-Sunday---We will deem free for all!

Ok, I have now written my lesson for the follow-thru!

Happy Reading!


  1. Very nice lesson plan. Hey, is there a way you can set up your blog so people can subscribe by email?

  2. I am trying to figure that one out. I know there is, but I can't get it to work right now. I am going to keep working at it and will let you know when it works.